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Sabemos que como cliente te gusta elegir bien la chica con la que vas a compartir tu tiempo. Además de ver todas las fotografías y vídeos de nuestras escorts rusas en Barcelona y de leer información sobre ellas y sobre los servicios que más les gustan, ponemos a tu disposición esta sección. Desde aquí vas a poder consultar las experiencias que otros clientes han tenido con nuestras maravillosas modelos rusas en Barcelona. De esta forma podrás conocer un poquito más a cada una de las chicas que ponemos a tu disposición.

Si ya has conocido a cualquiera de nuestras chicas, te animamos a enviar tu experiencia y que otras personas puedan leerla y saber qué es lo mejor de cada escort y lo que, desde tu punto de vista, debería mejorar. A nosotras nos ayuda mucho leer vuestras experiencias, así que muchas gracias por dedicar el tiempo para enviárnoslas.

ENGLISH- Reviews from our Russian escorts in Barcelona

We know that you like to choose correctly the girl whom you will share your time with. Besides seeing all the pictures and videos from our Russian escorts in Barcelona and reading all the information about them and the services they love, we created this section for you. From here, you will be able to read experiences that other clients had with our wonderful Russian models in Barcelona. Doing so you will find a way to know better every girl available in our website.

If you already met any of our girls, we encourage you to send your review so other clients can read it and know what is the best of every escort and what she should improve. We really appreciate reading your experiences, so thank you very much for taking the time to send them.

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Date of Visit: 2016-05-11; Name: Frederik; Escort name: Jenny

This is my second visit to Jenny and each time she surprises me with her love skills. We went for massage, whole body kissing and later a superb oral job. The way she takes you inside is just unbelievable. Nobody has given me such a fantastic blowjob ever before. Watch out Spaniards, this is the girl for you.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-10; Name: Donald Trump; Escort name: Sveta

The moment she took off her garments and jumped in bed with me, it was just mind blowing. We behaved like lost lovers meeting after a long time. We indulged in heavy kissing, petting and got intimate through multiple positions. She enjoys getting banged, a worth a visit for guys looking for a superb sexual adventure.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-09; Name: Pablo; Escort name: Dasha

I had no idea how many vodka shots both of us had. We hit it off from first moment later have passionate encounter in bed. It was a complete wild sex full of kisses and intense coupling. Best girl I have ever dated.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-07; Name: Efrain; Escort name: Megan

I was quite nervous when I visited her apartment. It was my first outing with a girl. But, Megan welcomed me with a smile, chatted with me to make me comfortable before taking me to bed. Once she took off her clothes, I came into myself and kissed her madly like a hungry lover from top to bottom. Felt so good after sleeping with her that I have already booked her for next week too.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-06; Name: Bartolome; Escort name: Abby

She submitted herself completely to me. From taking off her clothes, to kissing and making out through KS position, I was the one who did everything. She embraced me tightly during this and kept moaning while I pushed myself deep inside her. What a date it was. Wish I could have more like this.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-04; Name: Marcus; Escort name: Alberta

I took her to a dinner date where we bonded well over food later have intense moments in bed. If you love kissing, then she is the girl for you, because she enjoys it a lot and can go on all the time. Won’t mind getting laid with her again.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-04; Name: Baldovino, Italy; Escort name: Valerie

Honestly speaking, I have been with many girls, but haven’t seen such a beautiful woman in my life. I booked her for an hour, but extended it to whole night because I wanted to drink more from her beauty. Her lips were like rose petal, bosom so juicy my hands were on them all the time. She is worth the money.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-03; Name: Narel; Escort name: Cindy

Honestly speaking, It was Cindy who ruled over me. From taking my pants off to kissing and giving me a fabulous oral job, she was awesome. More than kissing, I liked the way she took my cock inside her mouth. If you are booking her, must go oral job, she is terrific in it.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-02; Name: Shankar; Escort name: Diana

Diana turned out to be exactly as I wanted. She was friendly, charming and sexy at the same time. Her lips were so juicy that I kissed them feverishly. A perfect girlfriend material for shy guy like me. Special thanks to escort firm who recommended her name. Great work, guys.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-01; Name: Super cool; Escort name: Kasandra

She surprised me with her intensity of love. Seriously, I thought her to be a naïve, delicate flower, but she turned out to be a wild babe. In fact, she was more excited in taking me inside than I was in kissing. It was good to see a girl who enjoys getting laid. I was pretty fond of her bold and honest attitude. Won’t mind seeing her again.

Date of Visit: 2016-05-01; Name: Alfred; Escort name: Carla

I had booked her for half an hour, but spend an entire afternoon, instead. She was so sweet, so deep that I wrote a poem on her beauty. I wonder why God has stopped making woman like her. She is true example of perfect woman.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-30; Name: Aladdin; Escort name: Rita

She may look like an innocent and submissive kind of girl, but in reality she is naughty, flirt, and exceptional as a lover. I never had such happy moments in my life before. I laughed so much that I had tears in my eyes. More than sex, I will remember her as a girl who brought smile on my serious face.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-28; Name: Bernard; Escort name: Dusty

Her idea of massage with whole body kissing was just out of this world. I enjoyed moving my hands over her soft body again and again. Later, we indulged in passionate kissing from top to bottom. Overall, I loved every moment of our erotic date; wish I could have more of it.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-26; Name: Orlando; Escort name: Oriel

She was very nervous when she arrived in my apartment. Maybe, it was her first time. I made her a drink; initiate a little chat to make her comfortable before taking her to bed. She was fabulous in kissing and allowed me to play with her full body. I enjoyed moving my hands over her soft skin. I found her gentle and delicate person. So, if you are booking her, make sure to treat her nicely.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-24; Name: Dietmar; Escort name: Barbarella

I chose Barbarella because of her exotic looks. I thought her to be an exceptional and she didn’t disappoint me at all. Her lips, bosom and chocolate skin was so good that I just went on kissing her for an hour. It was a truly marvelous experience.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-21; Name: Anatoli; Escort name: Fancy

You just have to show some love like I did and she will treat you like a prince. Kissing, stroking and massage everything was so perfect that I wanted to go on all day. But unfortunately, I had other appointments, so I have to leave her. But, it was the best date of my life.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-16; Name: Ebner; Escort name: Alena

I felt living my life again with Alena. She took me to a city tour before coming in bed with me. As the apartment door was shut, we took off each other clothes, got naked and indulge in passionate kisses. She gave me a well deserved break from my daily routine life. Thank you so much, Alena.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-13; Name: Patrick; Escort name: Marisa

She looked so beautiful for dinner date that my eyes never went off for a minute. She looked even more beautiful in black lingerie. I just jumped on her like a naughty kid and kissed her passionately from top to bottom. Her moaning encouraged me to go further inside her. By the end of date, my body was satisfied, but my heart yearned for more. Will come back soon, sweet heart.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-10; Name: Huiqing; Escort name: Mariana

She is simple with a stunning body, especially her long legs were just awesome. On top of that, her deep kissing was just like icing on cake. I never thought my hot date would be of so much fun. Must go for her if you are staying in Barcelona.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-09; Name: Delun; Escort name: Albina

We had a blast in Discotheque. Our hands never went off from each other for a minute neither in party nor in bed. I never had so much fun in my life before, not even with my friend and my real GF. She has turned me from a dull jack to cool dude. All this is because of Albina. Will always remember her all my life.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-08; Name: Pep; Escort name: Ulia

I booked her for an official party as my GF. She impressed my boss, office colleagues and later came easily in my arms. I enjoyed kissing her a lot like a child who get his favorite toy. I never had such wonderful moments in my life before. Wish I could have more like that.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-02; Name: Devil; Escort name: Vanda

I love massaging her full body. My cock became pretty hard as my hands move over her lips, bosom and smooth stomach. Later, I kissed her passionately from top to bottom. It was a complete euphoric moment. Wish, I could have more days like this.

Date of Visit: 2016-04-01; Name: Andreas; Escort name: Penelopa

I was never tired of kissing her fabulous body. Her eyes, lips and bosom was pure magical. Seriously, I felt like making love to a beautiful Goddess. It was so pure, so divine that can’t be described, but can only be experienced.

Date of Visit: 2016-03-30; Name: Janus; Escort name: Olga

It was the best strip dance I have ever seen in my life. She was so terrific that I couldn’t stop myself joining her. After dance, we end up kissing each other in bed. It was a night full of erotic moves and passion. Will definitely see her again.

Date of Visit: 2016-03-25; Name: Cayo; Escort name: Bentley

I was desperately looking for hot sex after one month of continuous working without break. Bentley exactly provided me that. Bentley has a real soft skin. I hold her tight and kiss her passionately from top to bottom. Her sweet words are still fresh in my mouth.

Date of Visit: 2016-03-21; Name: Math; Escort name: Lena

I dated an angel. She was so sweet, yet so beautiful. I never took a break from kissing and playing with her splendid body. Her eyes full of compassion, lovely hair and her perfect shaped bosom are still fresh in my mind. I wonder why we don’t have more women like her these days.

Date of Visit: 2016-03-06; Name: Antonio; Escort name: Alis

I bonded her to the bed and applied ice from top to bottom. Later, went for whole body kissing. It was first time I indulged in ice-cub game and I found it so good that I played it with my wife too. She too enjoyed it. Overall, it was a nice break from boring daily routine life. Will like to see her again.

Date of Visit: 2016-03-02; Name: Lucas; Escort name: Lara

I always wanted a girl with whom I can talk openly and get physical too. After visiting so many escorts, I found my match in Lara. She was witty, sexy and a tigress in bed. Spend whole night kissing and playing with her bosom. It was one of the best nights of my life. I wish I could have more like her.

Date of Visit: 2016-02-29; Name: Rafal; Escort name: Diana

My hands never went off from her sexy body for a minute. I hold her tight, kissed her passionately and whispered sweet words into her ear. Coupling was as much fun too. I feel so good after having sex that I booked her immediately for second sitting too.

Date of Visit: 2016-02-22; Name: Demian; Escort name: Ming

My God, what a striptease she performed. It was just outstanding. She looked so hot in lingerie that my lips automatically moved all over her body. Her skin, curves were just awesome. I felt so refresh after sleeping with her.

Date of Visit: 2016-02-17; Name: Stosky; Escort name: Alexandra

Alex gave me a hot shower after a tiring day in field. I had a really bad day in office, but her sweet kisses, lovely embraces made my night. Her skin was so soft, bust so beautiful. I felt like dating a nymph. Glad, I booked her, will see her around soon.

Date of Visit: 2016-01-23; Name: Hercules; Escort name: Nanette

I was really tired when I visited Nanette after office hours. She gave me a great head message later took off her clothes and appeared naked in front of me. I was in awe of her beautiful body for some minutes. I lost myself completely in her beauty and kissed her passionately from top to bottom. It was truly a fabulous moment of my life.

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