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We are well known because of our ladies and our service. Besides this, we love to share with you news and information related to our Russian escorts in Barcelona. Sometimes we will publish here news about a new service. Sometimes we will publish stories about our ladies, or stories from our clients (if they agree). Sometimes you will be able to read here the own voice of our escorts. Visit this section frequently and stay up to date.



Making out in Pool

One night I have to spend with a rich Sheikh from Qatar. The guy has booked a hotel suite that includes a swimming pool too. He personally opened the door when I entered his hotel room. He made me a drink and then with a gentle kiss on my lips invited me to pool. The guy was well built, has broad shoulders and his legs were just like an athlete. I changed my dress to sexy bikini and jumped in pool with him. We both competed with each other on pool and had real fun in the water. In a casual way, while swimming he opened my bra and my tits were wide open. He held me strongly in my arms and pour soft kisses all over my long neck. While he was holding me tight in one arm and the other was busy removing my panty. It was quite obvious from his action that he was a smooth operator and had slept with many women before me. Now, both of us were deeply involved in kissing each other passionately. He lifted me a little from my legs and start sucking my lovely tits. I cried with pain when he bit my nipples; in-fact tears start rolling from my eyes. Looking at my condition, he became gentle with me and started kissing my neck again. After that, both of us came out of pool completely naked. The sheikh put me gently on the soft grass near the pool. Now, first time he saw my beautiful naked body and appreciated through his eyes. He gave me a gentle kiss looking straight into my eyes and then moved his hands all over my body. I really got excited when his hands move over my body and started moaning. To satisfy my fire; he kissed my lips again for a while and then rolled his tongue all over my body. There was not a single part in my body where his lips did not move. He kissed my breasts, my soft stomach, my legs even my pussy too. After satisfying himself from kissing, he spread my legs apart and inserted his huge cock inside my vagina. He kept on rolling his penis till he ejaculated in my body. Both of us achieved our sexual nirvana at the same time. After a little bit rest, we had a dinner in restaurant located inside the hotel. The food was really great. He told me that he had a thing for white women and really enjoyed making love to them more than anything else. He told me if laws permit him then he would definitely open harem and keep beautiful women from every country into his harem. I laughed listening to his stupid dream but appreciated it that at least he admits it in open. Overall, the person was really nice and most importantly sex was really great. If I had a chance, then I will definitely offer my service again to him.

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