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Join our casting and work as escort in Barcelona

If you are young, sexy and wants a job that appreciates your looks and pays you well at the same time, then this field is perfect for you.

As an escort in Barcelona, you will live a life like you have never lived before. You will get a chance to dine in fine restaurant, attend high profile parties and go on paid vacations. In return, you have to make your man happy through your sweet nature and beautiful body.

You will be paid handsomely for your work, more than any boring office job. In fact, you will get salary raise too on doing excellent work.

So if you have looks, great curves and want to earn quick money; then fill in the essential details as displayed below. You will be called for personal interview where we will check out your physical assent and ask you questions like how comfortable are you with profession, how comfortable are you with men etc.

After meeting our selection criteria, we will train you for at least two to three weeks regarding how to behave like a fine lady. You will learn about how to present yourself in front of them, be a good listener and how to seduce them through various love making skills.

When you are fully trained, we will send you on dating assignments like other escorts in Barcelona.

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